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It's time to switch from homo sapiens to homo lux, and then switch to homo dei!

Our Programs


Extracosmy meditation, is a branch of the new Anthropozeus science, which is taught at Xtracosm University. The first level of extracosmy meditation is accessible to all. On the other hand, the other higher levels are reserved for students admitted to the University for training in Anthropozeus.


Get to know yourself better by exploring all the planes of your being. Go to your origin so that you can better understand yourself and be in control of your current life. Explore the source and cause of your being and realize yourself in its entirety. All this will be possible through EXTRACOSMY MEDITATION. This first level will be divided into two parts: the first part of THE EXTRACOSMY MEDITATION will be available in 3 years and the second part in 5 years; this, from the year 2021. For those who are already used to any meditation technic; they can start as soon as possible. Whereas, for the rest of the world, there will be a technological means as needed that will be available; from which there will be no mental and psychic effort to be made to practice EXTRACOSMY MEDITATION.


The very New science which studies and which grants to the human being the faculty to pass from homo sapiens, to homo lux, to then become homo dei.

Only those who are admitted to the university and to this training can have access to the knowledge of this science.


The brand new science that studies our Universe as the manifestation of a living, conscious and intelligent being.


The Science of Creation, the Creative Word, the Knowledge of Universal Codes.


The Mastery of DEMIURGNOMY will allow us to colonize our Universe, starting with our Solar System.

It will also give us the possibility of creating planets like our planet.

And all this in an extremely short time.

All that existed and all that exists can be recreated by the application of the Universal Codes which is taught in DEMIURGNOMY.


The Science of Eternal Life. Regeneration of cells. Transfer of consciousness, mind and psyche to another physical body.

- Consciousness safeguard. (Memory, Recollection, thought, ...)

- Creation of other physical bodies according to the Universal Codes of DEMIURGNOMY.

- Science of the Transfer of Consciousness.

- Possibilities to live forever.


The Science of Pluricosm.

The recognition of Our Universe as a tiny part of an even much larger Universe.


The study of PLURICOSM, THE UNIVERSE with a multitude of Universes, with a multitude of Laws differentiated from each Universe, with a multitude of Dimensions and with a multitude of Planes.

De l'infiniment petit a l'infiniment grand-01.png

What was fiction yesterday is reality today and what is fiction today will be reality tomorrow!

As a Website, Holostrofi is first and foremost the official Digital Platform of Xtracosm University.


In addition, for the majority who do not want or are not able to be part of our University; you can have access (under certain conditions of course) to all the necessary services which are intended to be developed in the University.


Also, there is the M.O.I. (Mobilization and Ordering of Ideas), which is a social network created for all those who have Great Original and New Ideas.

''Because the most saving Ideas can come from the most unsuspected people! ''

''It has always been this way in the history of mankind. ''

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