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The Comopsylogy

The Science that gives the human being the opportunity to have access to the entire Universe, so that he can be anywhere whenever he wants.

The Science of Cosmopsylogy first teaches us that every sphere, every celestial body, every constellation, every galaxy, every galaxy cluster and every super galaxy cluster, is the Manifestation of a Living, Conscious and Intelligent Being.


Also, the entire Universe is the Manifestation of a Living, Conscious and Intelligent Being!


Thus, in the same way that microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, are not aware that they live and evolve within us, human beings; in the same way too, we, human beings, are not aware (at least, not yet) that we live, that we evolve inside a being that is the Earth.


While knowing here, when we talk about the Earth, we do not just mention this beautiful blue sphere that carries us.


Unlike astronomical and astrophysical science which remain under the domination of space-time to study the stars. This means that they study them from their lights (waves, shadows, infrared...); who must cross this space-time to get to us.


Science Cosmopsyology transcends space-time to study the stars from the inside out; that is, she studies the stars from their quintessences. In other words, Cosmopsylogy studies the etheric expression of the stars.

                                                                                           Ady Desgrottes

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