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Without being conscious, it is already a bit, since the human being has begun to do again as his Creators do in this Universe.


Yes! Computer Science, the Virtual World in which we are gradually progressing; are the first steps that bring us closer to our Creators.


Thus, the Highest Knowledge will be revealed and the Greatest Power will be given to the one who becomes aware of this Ultimate and Only Reality of Our Universe.


This is why the author of this Site will use the principles of analogy, to match what is happening in our Universe with our current knowledge in computer science.


The analogy we make between Computer Science and the Universe should not be taken entirely to the letter. It is simply the closest way we use to help the collective consciousness to assimilate the reality of our Universe. Since this part of the Site is open to everyone.

- The Black Hole that contains our Universe is analogous to a computer, that is, the internal hard drive of a     computer.


- Some black holes in our Universe are analogous to devices connected to a computer.


- There is a second group of black holes in our Universe that are analogous to external hard drives, most of    which are blank.


- It is in the Pre-big bang of our Universe, or in the Meta-Universe, that the analogy of other computer              hardware is found.

- Dark energy, dark matter, antimatter, the other Dimensions of our Universe are analogous to                          applications, software installed in a computer.


- All superclusters, clusters, galaxies, stars, star systems, planets... of our Universe, they are analogous to      folders, to files that are installed in a computer.


- All sciences and all laws: physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, astronomy... of our Universe, are              analogous to computer or numerical simulations applied from installed programs and also, made from          folders and files installed in a computer.


- The Superconsciousness (which is the least known) of Our Universe; which we call Evolution, Chance,             God,  Allah, Buddha... is analogous to the operating system of a computer: Windows, MacOs, Linux, iOS,         Android.


- The Creators of Our Universe are analogous to us human beings, users of computers.

                                                                                             Ady Desgrottes

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