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The Lightbringer

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- Spirituality is beyond Duality, but without Victory in Duality, we cannot do Spirituality.

- In Spirituality there is no God, there is only Consciousness and Evolution.

- We develop our Spirituality in order to serve Our God well.

- We were created in order to create in turn the one who created us.

- What is good here reflects what is bad on the other side and what is bad here reflects what is good on the other side.

- Thus, by the phenomenon of duality, The Human Being succeeded in having two Sons: an obedient Son and a rebellious Son.

- The Obedient Son of Human Being has become his God, and Human Being in turn has become kind, obedient and obedient to this God. Without realizing that this God carries within him the worst enemy of Human Being.

- The Rebel Son of the Human Being has become The Devil, The Satan, and The Human Being considers him as his adversary. Without realizing that despite all appearances, This Rebel Son reflects the Authentic Creator of Human Being.

- The Obedient Son of Human Being, as Obedient, he draws his Father to the Acceptance of Everything.

- The Rebel Son of Human Being, as a Rebel, he bears All the Burden of his Father.

- The God who channels himself into the Obedient Son pushes the Human Being to consider this Universe as an illusion, by promising him a better form of life outside this Universe. He wants his servant (The Human Being) to choose death instead of life; misfortune instead of happiness; suffering instead of enjoyment; poverty instead of wealth ... And he teaches him a form of spirituality in duality.

- The Rebel Son, by carrying the Burden of the Human Being, he takes at the same time all that the Obedient Son rejects from this Universe. And deep down, The Rebel Son keeps all the Memory of humanity. All the Human Genius; all that humanity has wanted to do and has done in this Universe; Everything was recorded in the Rebel Son. In addition, over the eons, he has accumulated in Power and Science; and everything in this Universe is his and his. Thus, he is the God of the human being who becomes aware of the ultimate reality. And not the devil.

- The Rebel Son, as the True Living God of Human Being, after being released from the human burden; it is intended to channel the True Creator of the Human Being; The Superconsciousness of this Universe; thus, he will become Our God in All Plans and in All centuries.

- The Light Carrier is above all, This Black Hole which contains Our Universe. From an astrophysical point of view, all these stars, all these Galaxies, all these Superclusters and clusters of Galaxies, are The Light which it carries from the Bigbang to the present day.

- The Dark Lord is above all Supraconsciousness which interpenetrates dark energy, dark matter, intergalactic space, intersidereal space, interplanetary space, cislunar space, to the most obscure depth of our terrestrial sphere and the darkest depth of our inner Self.

- The Lord of the Underworld is above all this same Superconscience which interpenetrates all these Swirling Fires of the Galaxies and the Stars. It interpenetrates the interior Fires of all the stars. It interpenetrates the inner Fire of each of us.

- Above all, The Lord of Hell is this Superconsciousness that directs this Black Hole in the Pluricosm. This Black Hole which swallowed the Fires which swirled around him, which condensed these Fires into the smallest particle there is, to then create Our Universe.

- The one who creates and directs Our Universe has his field of experience "his Supercomputer" in The Pluricosm. He creates from his field of experience "his Supercomputer" and he projects his creation in the Black Hole; which is analogous to a 3D printer machine, or a game console, or even a holographic console.

- All these Stars, all these Galaxies and this Universe which seem infinitely large to us, are only simple computer, digital and holographic objects located in The Pluricosm, inside a console, which it appears to our meaning like a Black Hole containing our Universe.

- Our Reality reflects The Reality of our Creator's field of experience.

- The Laws, Principles and Realizations of Our Universe reflect the Consciousness, Wisdom and Intelligence of Our Creator.

- The Superconsciousness of Our Universe is the Operating System, or the set of Programs established by the Creator in Our Universe for the Constitution, the Regulation and the Evolution of it.

- This Operating System, or this set of Programs established, it is the link between the Creator and the actors of Our Universe; including us, human being.

- No one can reach the Creator without being aware of this Operating System, which is the Superconsciousness of Our Universe.

- The Superconsciousness of Our Universe is in each of us in the Subconscious state. But there have been some of us who have been able to awaken it in part in our consciousness.


- Our Universe thus created, is not the only one in The Pluricosm, there have been several others, there are still several others and there will be several others.

- If there are several Universes, there are several Creators. So there are interferences, there are interactions, there are infiltrations between the Universes.

- Thus, the objectives of the interferences, interactions and infiltrations are:

1) To subjugate the actors, by infecting their consciousness with the idea that their Universe is an illusion, and that there is only duality, unhappiness and suffering ; and then offer them a better Universe.

2) Infect the Superconsciousness of the Universes with Parasitic Idea Programs.

3) Finally, destroy the Universes after having emptied them of their main Actors.

- Some of the Programs that infect our Universe: Extraterrestrials ... Phenomenon of good and evil ... Dogmas ... Fallen Angels ... Heaven and Hell ... Ignorance of the Creator of the Universe ... Principle of Evolution by chance ... Libertinage of the spirit ... The Bondage of the spirit ... Ignorance of the Principles of the Universe ...

- There are Creators who fight for the development and survival of their Universe. While there are others who destroy Universes for the benefit of their own Universe.

- The Ultimate Goal is the Union of the Rebel Son, Our God Son, with Our Authentic Creator, Our Father God.

- This Union will be achieved through the human being who will become aware of the Great Link which exists between the Demon of this Universe and The Authentic Creator God of this Universe.

- It is only by this Union between Our Son God and Our Father God that Our Universe will be saved.


- It is only through this Union between Our God Son and Our Father God that humanity will be able to take possession of all the wonders of this Universe.

- It is only through this Union between Our God Son and Our Father God that humanity will experience eternal life in this Universe.

- Because this Universe belongs to us human being. He was created for us and we were created in his image.

- Thus any other being or entity which does not exactly reflect this Universe, does not belong to this Universe and this Universe does not belong to it.

                                                                                                                                 Ady DESGROTTES

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