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Time spaces

If we admit that all there is in this Universe is a Quantum and Numerical Simulation; then all our so-called knowledge that we have acquired so far should be questioned; and especially on the conception we have of space-time.


Thus, our way of measuring space and time is the result of a form of numerical code implanted in our mind; which limited us only to our Universe and forced us to understand how our Universe is Infinite (space) and eternal (time).


Therefore, when we observe the distance between stars, between galaxies. When we stand in relation to the Big Bang more than 13 billion years ago; all this seems inconceivable and insurmountable to us. Therefore, we brush ourselves with the illusion of the past, present and future.


However, by the New Knowledge of EXTRCOSMY, the possibility of decoding the mind in relation to space-time (among others), has been given to us.


So, if we want to possess Authentic Knowledge, we must overcome space-time. To then... learn to project our consciousness beyond the "famous" Big Bang.


Beyond this starting point is Real Knowledge!

Beyond this starting point are the True Actors!

Beyond this starting point are Modelers, Animators, Programmers, Producers, Creators!

                                                                                     Ady Desgrottes

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