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Qui Je Suis

Qui Je Suis

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My Two Realities

1- My Apparent Reality

I was born in the poorest country in America, including one of the poorest countries in the world. I was born into a very modest family.

I did all my studies in my country until university, to become a visual artist.

Meanwhile something deep inside me was pushing me towards a different kind of reality. This means that I managed to travel to several countries, until I came to Canada and live there.

I started studying at the University of Montreal, which I was forced to let go. I do odd jobs here and there.

But again, while I was stumbling in almost everyone in life, there was something deep inside me that was propelling me to a whole new reality.

So, in this apparent reality, I am not a North American, I am not a European. I have no degree or even honorary title.

The vast majority of visitors to this site will see in me: either a shabby little one who seeks to extract some of the most naïve pennies, or a charlatan who seeks to take advantage of the most gullible, or a madman who exposes his madness and illusions to the public.

2- My substantial reality

While in my apparent life, I face several trials and several failures. At the same time, I began to make other very exceptional experiences.

Thus, it has been more than 35 years since I practice meditation assiduously. Knowing that there are different meditation techniques, I started looking for the meditation technique that I really need, to be able to achieve my goal. By that according to certain techniques, when we meditate, we must set a goal.

My goal was to be able to merge my individual consciousness with the Universal Consciousness.

I tried every possible techniques, but my success was quite superficial. Until, 10 years ago, while I was practicing a technique called transcendental meditation; another technique opened up in my consciousness. I started to explore this brand new technique that was offered to me. Practicing this new meditation technique, which I call EXTRACOSMY meditation, really allowed me to achieve my goal.

Thus, it is by achieving this goal, that I began to understand:

1- Our Universe is really a particle that is part of a much larger Universe.

2- Our Universe was created and then evolved.

3- The phenomenon of space-time is a coding of the mind.

4- The creators of our Universe are first and foremost out of it.

5- I also learned how each person can benefit from this technique according to their personality, their level, their goal.

6- And above all, I learned how to decode my mind in relation to space-time, to be able to project my consciousness beyond the Big Bang of our Universe, in order to communicate with our Creators and get training directly from themselves.

Meditation and practice time.

To meditate, you have to have time. Because all meditation techniques promise a good result, if you take enough time and practice them regularly. However, in the way of life of most of us; we are very short of time. One of the big differences between all other meditation techniques and EXTRACOSMY meditation is that during our sleep, while the body is totally at rest, we practice EXTRACOSMY meditation. Because we not only learn to completely release our consciousness while we sleep, and this is the best time to identify our consciousness with our subconscious. This will later give the result of the fusion with the Universal Consciousness.

This does not mean that one cannot practice EXTRACOSMY meditation in other times of the day. But the time of sleep is the best:

1) We have more time to practice, up to 8 hours a day.

2) Our body is totally at rest.

3) This is the ideal time when our consciousness can connect with our subconscious.

No other technique offers such an advanced possibility of meditating.

Thus, for the past ten years, I have spent two-thirds of my days in my apparent life and a third in my substantial life.

Which is more than enough to do my training beyond the Big Bang.

Now I am in the phase where I begin to unite my apparent life with my substantial life.

From here, I know that there is a very small minority of visitors to this site who will be able to understand and perceive this ultimate great possibility that is offered to all humanity through my humble person.

And that will be enough to change the rest of the vast majority.

It must be admitted here too, that science is just beginning to touch on the benefits of meditation. But a day will come when science will discover all the potentialities that there are in the practice of meditation. Especially according to the technique.

This website is just the beginning of a great adventure that awaits all of humanity!


                                        Ady Desgrottes

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