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The Science that will give the human being the possibility to evolve from homo sapiens to homo lux, to then become homo dei.


Some titles of the Anthropozeus program:

- The Difference between homo sapiens, homo lux and homo dei.

- Training on Human Structure.

- Optical concentration on the 10 Primary Geometric Shapes.

- Optical concentration on the different Units of Geometric Shapes.

- Acoustic and Optical Concentration – Evocation of Forms by Sounds.

- Acoustic, Optical and Sensitive Concentration – Evocation and Densification of Forms by Sounds.

- Acoustic, Optical, Sensitive, Olfactory and Gustatory Concentration – Evocation, Densification and Concretization of Forms by Sounds.

- Meditation on the Power of Sounds.

- Internalization of Forms and Sounds in The Human Structure.

- The Creator Codes.

- Application of Spatio-temporal Codes for Concretization and Materialization.

- Self-control.

- Control of our environment.

- Mastery of our Universe.

- And more.

                                                                                          Ady Desgrottes

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