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The Science of Eternal Life. Cell regeneration. Transfer of consciousness, mind and psyche to another physical body.

To the end of the tunnel, we are just beginning to see The Light of Eternal Life!


Any form of Eternal Life that has been promised to us for another World or for another Universe, is an infiltration...


The Eternal Life that interests us is for here, in our World, in our Universe. For we human beings were created for this Universe, in this Universe, in the image and likeness of this Universe!


This New Science will reveal you and will give you the necessary technology that will allow you to transfer at will and if necessary your consciousness, your mind, (your psyche), from one body to another. While respecting the laws of genetic fingerprinting that exist between your subtle bodies that compose you and the target body.


- Do you have an incurable disease? You can leave this body that makes you suffer and transfer you to another identical, but healthy and healthy body. 

- Your body is very old? You can leave it, and transfer yourself into a new body that will be similar to your physical body as when you were in your twenties.

- Are you dead? Your loved ones will take responsibility for resurrecting you, for bringing you back to life in another body. Because your genetic fingerprints will be recorded in advance. And also, all the data of your consciousness, your mind and your psyche will "always" be saved.

Are you very curious about this subject?

Do you think that one day Eternal Life will be within our reach?

Are you a researcher in the field, or do you have a theory about the field?


Become a member of EXTRACOSMY and you will discover how it is really possible to live forever.

                                                                                            Ady Desgrottes

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