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Eternal Life

Eternal life has already been promised to us in the past. But this form of eternal life was not for this world, nor for this Universe. It was for another world, another universe or if you will, another dimension, or another Plane. It is a promise of eternal life that demanded in return the total abandonment of Our World, Our Universe, Our Dimension. To name but a few.

Eternal Life in Our Dense World

We have always had this genetic heritage in us, which inspires us to seek eternal life. We have already tried in different ways: recipes, alchemical formulas, mystical practices and so many others.

Scientists and the wealthy of our time are seriously looking into the issue. They are already studying different methods that will eventually lead them to eternal life. But, they do not realize that the human species must remain human while leading to eternal life.

The BIOEONY Method

The Method of Eternal Life that we offer in the "Xtracosm Project"; not only is it eternal life for our physical world, for Our Universe. But above all, it is Eternal Life that will allow us to preserve and evolve all the bio-organic wonders that constitute our being. Thus, we will respect: laws and bio-organic codes, laws and psychic codes, laws and mental codes and finally, the laws and codes of our consciousness. All these components that make us who we are: "the human being", the image and likeness of Our Universe.

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