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The Creator Word, or the Science of Creation. Science that gives the possibility to materialize what is created in the virtual universe in the Real Universe.


Everything that has existed and everything that has lived on this planet can come back to Existence and come back to life!


Everything that exists and everything that lives now can be recreated and reproduced!


Entire cities can be built, without resorting to any trade in the construction of a city, a house...!


New planets like Earth can be created in our solar system and other star systems!


Attention: Only those who have a master's degree in Anthropozeus can study and practice Demiurgnomy. This means that homo sapiens does not have the ability to practice demiurgnomy; homo lux has a certain rather limited capacity, while homo dei has all the necessary skills to put demiurgnomy into practice.


Of course, not everyone will switch from homo sapiens to homo lux, let alone homo dei. But everyone will be able to enjoy the achievements and creations in Demiurgnomy.

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