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Imagine that you create an object from 3D software. Let's take a chair as an example. You use 3D modeling software to create your chair. While using your software, you make sure to meet all the measurement and dimension standards that the chair should have, if it were in the real world. After finishing modeling, texturizing and simulating your chair in different software, in order to see how it would be in the real world. You are satisfied with your work. Now you're ready to take the next step.


Imagine that you take a holographic device that will allow you to project your chair from your computer into the real world, in front of you. There, your chair is in front of you. But, it's just a hologram, it's just a reflection of your chair. It is not real, it is not tangible.


But, imagine that you have the necessary Knowledge and Mastery that will allow you to materialize, to densify your chair. To the point of making it tangible, palpable and usable. This is where the Science of Creation will come in: THE DEMIURGNOMY.


Going through the same process as for objects, but with slightly more complex realizations. You can also create everything in the plant kingdom. To then give them existence in our real world by The DEMIURGNOMY. But here, there would be principles to apply to harmonize what is created in the virtual on earth's ground.


With even more complexity, such as a special knowledge of digital code, computer programming, 3D animation, not to mention a good command of 3D modeling. Any form of animal life could be created in the virtual world, only to be materialized and come into existence by the new technology of DEMIURGNOMY.


It should be known here that even extinct species will be able to return to existence by the new technology of DEMIURGNOMY. From the moment we could find their trace: their fossil, their DNA. And this also applies to the plant kingdom.


Imagine the possibility of creating houses, and then furnishing them. The possibility of creating buildings, villages, cities. Yes! All this is going to be possible! We first create in the virtual world, and then transfer to the real world. Everything will be able to come into existence in our material world through the New Technology of DEMIURGNOMY. Not to mention, that there will always be conditions to respect. Such in this case, it would be territorial conditions among others.


After a certain mastery of DEMIURGNOMY, after being comfortable enough to create objects of all kinds, houses, vegetation, animals. We would be ready to meet all the necessary conditions to go and create new planets like Earth, all around the Sun.


On these new planets, there would be a whole multitude of species of life, also different climates, continents, oceans, splendors and wonders!


We must know above all, that there is something in the human being that does not exist in any other living being, or in any other creature in our Universe: CONSCIOUSNESS, with all that is included, mastery, thought, imagination.


Thus, the possibilities of creating and giving life to a human being are spread over two new sciences: DEMIURGNOMY and BIOEONY. But the conditions are very strict here. The rules and laws to be applied come directly to us from the Creators of Our Universe.


First of all, we do not have the right to create new human beings who do not exist or who do not already live. Yes, we can recreate humans who already exist or who already live. We can recreate them in the virtual world, then transfer them to the real world; to give them their existence as flesh and bones, and in addition, to give them life. All this, through The New Technology of DEMIURGNOMY. But the transfer of the (psyche), mind and consciousness of these recreated humans would only be possible through the new technology of BIOEONY.


We have no right at all to create beings or any form of entity that does not belong to our Universe. Even, we do not have the right to create beings or any form of entity that do not exist or have never existed on planet Earth.

Which means, we can have lots of thoughts, full of imagination that run through our minds about forms of beings and creatures. But it must stay there! They must not be transferred to our world. They belong to other Universes. If these kinds of imagination pass through us, it is because of the infiltrations of other universes, that our Universe undergoes. Unfortunately, this is our great danger. The Science of DEMIURGNOMY will be made available to us, but we should be very careful not to open the door to beings from other universes who are extremely hostile and dangerous for us and for our Universe.

                                                                                             Ady Desgrottes

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