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For the very first time in our era!

The possibility of completely evolving is offered to Humanity.

    Here, we DARE!

- We project our thoughts beyond           traditional thoughts!
- We identify the superficial reality of    Universal Reality!
- We recognize two kinds of VIP:
   VIP (Very Important Person).
   VIP) Very Insignificant Person).
- These two VIPs are given the same      consideration, without putting them    on the same level.
- We Probe appearances!
- We value the smallest as much as        the greatest; because we know that    the smaller precedes the larger and    that the larger exists thanks to the      smaller.
- We use the tiny light we have within    reach, to be able to illuminate this        vastness of dark energy. Thus, we        prepare to move to the next level of    evolution.
- We have acquired the ability to            reach the next level of evolution.
  Above all, we are aware of the              Omniconscious!

The opportunity to break free!

It is only the awakening of our consciousness that will strengthen our will, illuminate our intelligence, invigorate our feeling so that we can then enlarge our freedom.

The opportunity to live much longer!

The Science of Eternal Life. Cell regeneration. Transfer of consciousness, mind and psyche to another physical body.

The possibility of leaving earth safely, to colonize the Solar System and elsewhere!

We will soon be ready to meet all the necessary conditions to go and create new planets like Earth, all around the Sun.

The ability to create worlds like our beautiful planet!

Everything that exists and everything that lives now can be recreated and reproduced!

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

But, our Main Formation is beyond time and space.


Years of study


Years of research


Years of experience


University years


Company years

Our New Sciences


Are you ready to move to the next level of evolution?

The possibility of developing fully! While studying and applying brand new science and technology!!!

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